For Presenters & Exhibitors – CA 2019

Tentative Presenter Agenda

7:30 AM – 8:30 AM

Booth Setup

At least one booth representative must be present by 8:30 AM. You are responsible for transporting your own materials to the event.

9:00 AM – 12:30 PM

CS Exhibit Hall & Breakout Session

During this time students are free to attend breakout sessions (50 minutes each) and interact with the booths.

12:30 PM – 1:30 PM

Lunch, Closing, and Raffle

We will have lunch available for you.  You are welcome to stay for the closing speeches and raffle or break down your booth if applicable. By 3:00 PM, our event must be cleared out of the venue.

Booth Info & Requirements

  • There are no costs to host a booth or lead a workshop!
  • We recommend that each booth have at least 2 presenters/exhibitors at your booth. You can have the same presenters throughout the event or rotate people during the day.
    • For companies, at least one of the presenters at the booth must have a CS background. 
    • For academic institutions, we strongly recommend you bring undergrad/grad CS student(s), as well as admissions information and details about the CS opportunities (coursework, research, etc.).
  • The booth must include some sort of exhibit or activity that relates to CS (i.e. the booth can’t only feature a description of the company’s products and services, and/or distributing swag and flyers). Here are some suggestions of an engaging booth:
    • Presenters with great interpersonal skills
    • Physical objects that students can engage with
    • CS unplugged activities
    • Swag
    • Puzzles, challenges, or games for students to complete
    • Demos of cool devices
    • Visualizations of relevant data or research
    • Products/brands/experiences that students will recognize or relate with
  • Companies may not use this event as a platform to distribute offers of employment, but may distribute information about internships and scholarship programs. It is our expectation that participating companies are doing so in a volunteer capacity with sole intention to inspire high school students to pursue college and career in computer science fields. Booth exhibitors/vendors are prohibited from collecting student information, including emails. However, you are free to give out materials to students so they may contact you on their own