Know Before You Go – CA Booth Exhibitors and Presenters


Booth Setup

  • We recommend that each booth have at least 2 presenters/exhibitors at your booth. You can have the same presenters throughout the event or rotate people during the day.
    • For companies, at least one of the presenters at the booth must have a CS background. 
    • For academic institutions, we strongly recommend you bring undergrad/grad CS student(s), as well as admissions information and details about the CS opportunities (coursework, research, etc.).
  • Standard booths will include one 6′ table, two chairs, power supply, and access to wifi. Groups may request more tables, however we may not be able to honor all requests due space restrictions. Priority is given to groups that have interactive elements, as well as those that fill out the booth details form early.
  • Make sure you’ve gathered the materials for your booth (i.e. swag, devices, etc.). You are highly encouraged to bring signs, banners, or monitors (with video or demos). This enables students to quickly recognize what your organization does.
  • Contact Kathlynn Ly if you have any questions regarding your exhibitor space.

Important Reminders

  • Companies may not use this event as a platform to distribute offers of employment, but may distributeinformation about internships and scholarship programs. It is our expectation that participating companies are doing so in a volunteer capacity with sole intention to inspire high school students to pursue college and career in computer science fields.
  • Booth exhibitors/vendors are prohibited from collecting student information, including emails. However, you are free to give out materials to students so they may contact you on their own.
  • There will be photographers present at the event. By participating in and entering the event, exhibitors consent to being photographed and acknowledge that these photographs may be used in any Microsoft Philanthropies or TEALS materials relating to the CS Fair.


Arrival & Registration

  • You may arrive as early as 7 AM to drop materials off and set up on the morning of the event on March 8th. At least one booth representative must be check-in at the registration desk by 8:30 AM. Booth exhibitors should complete booth setup by 8:45 AM at the latest.
  • When you arrive, check-in inside the venue at the registration table to get your badge and other materials. Speakers and panelists should check-in at the registration table at least 30 minutes before their first session.
  • We will have dollies in the venue to transport materials from the loading dock to the booth area.


  • Lunch will be provided for all exhibitors. Please indicate in the booth details form about any special dietary restrictions (i.e. gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, etc.).
  • No outside food is allowed in the South San Francisco Conference Center. This includes snacks, drinks and gum.

Exhibitor Agenda & Program